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The COVID-19 situation made an amazing opportunity for a company that has core competence in technology to make a new path to shaping the new business. Inside the technology, there is innovation is an essential component of any growing environment!

Slowly, Europe is gaining ground on the US through disruptive entrepreneurship. Among them, Poland is one such country that is making its power play with a rising count in their startup stories. 

There is a growing number of scaleups who operate in international markets and need financing to fuel further growth and expansion. 

This takes the Polish tech ecosystem to the next level, increasing its credibility as these companies become noticeable in the global markets and to international investors. Till now, Poland has produced several successful global tech startups with some jaw-dropping valuations. It should be noted that the top 5% of Polish startups, alone, created 2.7 billion Euro valuation since 2013. 

In this regard, let’s take a look at the most valuable startups in Poland so far. 

Docplanner (Warsaw, Poland)

Founder: Luca Puccioni, Lucjan Samulowski, Mariusz Gralewski

Founded year: 2011

Funding: €130M

Valuation: $300-500M

DocPlanner is a digital healthcare booking platform providing doctors and clinics with a suite of software and marketing services to deliver better and efficient healthcare services. The company also provides free doctor reviews and lets patients book appointments via its platform.

Image credits: Packhelp

Packhelp (Warsaw, Poland)

Founder: Arkadiusz Wasilonek, Konrad Kwiatkowski, Maciej Woźniczko, Maciej Zając, Patryk Kabaj, Wojtek Sadowski

Founded year: 2015

Funding: €11M

Valuation: $50-100M

Packhelp is an online marketplace for custom-branded packaging. The online platform provides innovative packaging solutions for e-commerce brands, retailers, agencies, and enterprises. The range of products includes mailer boxes, product boxes, biodegradable mailers, kraft tapes, and many more.

Image credits: Nomagic

Nomagic (Warsaw, Poland)

Founders: Kacper Nowicki, Marek Cygan, Tristan d’Orgeval

Founded year: 2017

Funding: €7.5M

Valuation: $30-50M

Nomagic provides smart pick-and-place robotic systems that adapt to multiple environments. It can do various operations including receiving, store, sort, and pack products. The company’s robotic solution brings efficiency, flexibility, and reliability to e-commerce warehouses by automating tedious tasks.

Image credits: Booksy

Booksy (San Francisco, US)

Founders: Konrad Howard, Stefan Batory

Founded year: 2013

Funding: €43M

Valuation: $100-200M

Booksy is a cloud-based booking platform designed to schedule appointments for beauty services. The company’s platform uses machine learning and AI to determine each user’s buying pattern and offer them the best dates with their favorite stylists, enabling appointment-led businesses to set up their calendars, availability and accept bookings easily.

Image credits: Cosmose

Cosmose (Warsaw, Poland)

Founder: Miron Mironiuk

Founded year: 2015

Funding: €10.5M

Valuation: $50-100M

Cosmose AI is a software company that helps offline retailers to sell more by connecting offline stores with online ads to predict where, when, and who will go shopping.

Image credits: Applica

Applica (Warsaw, Poland)

Founders: Adam Dancewicz, Piotr Surma

Founded year: 2013

Funding: €13M

Valuation: $50-100M

Applica is the provider of AI-based Robotic Text Automation (RTA) solutions for enterprises. It automates text-intensive work by extracting meaning from unstructured and semi-structured documents. The platform is used by financial institutions, media companies, debt collection agencies, law firms, and public sector institutions.

Image credits: Tylko

Tylko (Warsaw, Poland)

Founders: Benjamin Kuna, Hania Kokczynska, Jacek Majewski, Michal Piasecki, Mikolaj Molenda

Founded year: 2014

Funding: €11.3M

Valuation: €120M

Tylko is a furniture company specialised in providing high-quality personalised shelves that make organising simple. The company aims to help bring harmony to customers’ space to live a better life.

Image credits: Uncapped

Uncapped (London, UK)

Founders: Asher Ismail, Asher Ismail, Piotr Pisarz

Founded year: 2019

Funding: €11M

Valuation: $50-100M

Uncapped is Europe’s first revenue-based finance provider, which allows founders to raise growth capital without giving up control of their business. This platform provides interest and equity-free investments from £10k to £1 million. However, Uncapped charge a flat fee of 6% on the capital provided and get repaid through a revenue share.

Image credits: Huuuge Games

Huuuge Games (Poland)

Founder: Anton Gauffin

Founded year: 2014

Funding: €50.2M

Valuation: $200-300M

Huuuge Games is a real-time social casual gaming platform, focused on the fast-growing multi-billion-dollar mobile gaming market. The company is on a mission to build the world’s largest real-time social casual gaming platform connecting millions of players. Huuuge Games publishes on all major mobile gaming stores, including iOS App Store, Android Google Play, and Amazon App Store.

Talking about the COVID-19 pandemic, many startups from various sectors are facing significant challenges. On the other hand, it’s time for startups from health tech, automatization & remote work solutions, online entertainment/gaming & education to leverage current situations and keep growth momentum in the long-term.

Main image credits: Huuuge Games

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