Fixing the rattle sound in Opel Zafira B

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For last couple days, my patient has been tested. I have an issue with my zafira B, the issue was the rattle sound in the left side of the car. First, I thought the problem was from the front bumper of the car, since it was having accident in the past. However since it’s not really sure. Me and Łucja took this car to mechanic for got checked. It turns out that the mechanic found more severe issue, which was the spring on shock breaker.

Ok so we changed the shock breaker into the new one. Yesterday morning I took the car after its got repaired. I was expecting that the problem has gone along with the some cash that also fly to the mechanic. However in the way to home, it turns out that the issue still exist.

I returned back to the mechanic to found out what was happening. The mechanic said everything looks normal and it should be fine. Hmm I went back home and I thought it will be gone by it self. But actually it was not. And the thing that should gone turns into my uncomfort feeling with this sound. Ok I believe I will get used to.

In the late afternoon, I am having an idea to sneak in into the source of the sound, I really believe it comes from the door. So I tried to compare the condition of the door that having an issue and the door that has not. And I found that there were grease in the doors that have not any issue. Ok so I went to castorama, buy 8zl grease or smars in Polish word. And then I put it directly to the source of the sound. And I drove home. Voila, the sound is gone!!

That night I was super happy!!


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