Krakow Green Caffe Nero Review

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Today the chill out destination will be Green Caffe Nero. It’s a coffee shop in Galeria Krakowska. The place is located in the second floor north west of the building. I believe this coffee shop its kind of new and established no more than 3 years. The differences between this coffee shop and others coffee shop in Krakow is the accessibility. It’s just right in the center of Krakowian shopping mall, Galeria Krakowska.

Lets decompose the review into several points.

  1. Internet
    • The internet is pretty fast and not secured by any password. You just need to connect to an access point called Green caffe Nero.
  2. The toilet
    • Well this is the missing point from this caffe. No private toilet. It’s plausible and inconceivable since the place just in the balcony of the mall.
  3. Sofa
    • Even though it’s located in public area but the sofa is pretty cozy here. I can stay for hours in couple of different sofa. My favourite of course the lazy sofa such a picture attached.
  4. The coffee it self
    • The coffee I would say normal. As a javanese who still learn to pick up a great coffee, I would not say the coffee is special but its not so bad as well. The price is also quite fair in a range 10 – 13 zl.

Well thats all for now the review about the coffee shop. Hope it’s useful info for you who gonna pick up your reading spot tonight in Krakow.

  • Dimas Tjitrodimedjo